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Carl K.

No one really likes going to the dentist, especially me, however I have been going to this dentist for a few years now and they have been great with me.
They have since added Jenny to the staff and she was awesome with me because of the way she tilts your head effortlessly side to side so she can make cleaning or work on your teeth alot easier. They have done a great job ridding my anxiety of going to the dentist. They are simply just great !. Thank You.

Rosie Dixon

My son and I have had appointments with Jenny at Jeanne D’Arc Dental and she is amazing! She tended to the extra needs my son has and made his cleaning seamless. He was so happy to engage with her. I’m deeply appreciative. The entire team is helpful and courteous. I highly recommend this clinic.

Justin Lemay

I’ve been to two appointments with Jeanne D’Arc dental, and as a new patient I can say that the team has been incredibly welcoming. An inviting office, and friendly personable staff, helped to ease my concerns that many have when going to the dentist. Diane and Tarri were accommodating and helped put me at ease immediately. Dr. Saran was friendly and able to fill my cavities with no pain or discomfort. The procedure was completed faster than I’d expected which is always a bonus!

Lucie Lafleur

I've been a patience of Dr. Saran for about 2 years as I receive very poor customer service but more so due to the lack of personal touch and care I received. Last Thursday I needed a filling and I don't do very well with freezing and have some anxiety from bad past experience. Well, I was very pleased with Dr. Saran as she understood where I was coming from and knew it would take time for me to relax and properly freeze. Not only she took her time but the whole staff was exceptional. I always receive great service..

Dan L

I had not been to the dentist in decades (as embarrassing as that is for me), however, the staff at Jeanne d'Arc Dental Centre were amazing and made my experience (as well as my wife's), more than pleasant and the work they did was out of this world.

Thanks so much for the great service and work you do for me and my family. We couldn't be happier to be clients.

Laura Bond

I have had nothing but great experiences at this clinic. The front receptionists are both very polite and friendly. I enjoy going in just to be greeted by them! I have been going through a great deal of pain and all the staff have been quick to help me with my needs! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Thank you to everyone that works here for being so patient and caring to my needs!

Sam Berrea

I have to say hands down everyone working at Jeanne d’Arc dental. From the receptionist, the dental assist and the dentist everyone was so compassionate and accommodating. I went to them in extreme pain, they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and were able to completely fix my tooth issue. Highly recommend this office to everyone! Makes going to the dentist that much easier :)

Wendy Stratton

Been a loyal client for almost 4 years. The receptionists, hygienists and dentists all make you feel so comfortable! Great for the whole family. Jenny is the best hygienist! Does a stellar job every time!

Katelyn Larabie

Jen the hygienist is very compassionate, professional and amazing at her job. Made both myself and my mother feel very comfortable throughout the visit. My mom has a perpetual phobia of the dentist and Jen handled her cleaning like the pro she is! Highly reccomend Jean D'Arc dental for their customer service and care, everyone from receptionist to hygienists and the dentists are wonderful! Lifetime client.

Kaitlyne Lemire

The first time I went in, I was very nervous because of not going to the dentist in a few years. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They have awesome receptionists and made me feel comfortable. All of their staff are very professional but still have a great sense of humour which helps when you’re nervous. I would highly suggest Jeanne D’arc Dental to anyone I know! They take really good care of their patients and I will only go to them from now on to get dental work done. Awesome service!

Jennifer Bryan

I had been having irritation in my back molar area. The receptions were friendly and kind made an appointment with me to get me in promptly. Upon my exam it turned out I had to get one of my wisdom teeth removed. I'm forty and had never had a removal done before, I was a little nervous. The dentist and her assistant were both very kind and made me feel completely at ease. It was quick and easy. I highly recommend this establishment, especially anyone who is nervous about visiting the dentist. They are a lovely bunch to deal with.

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