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I’ve been to two appointments with Jeanne D’Arc dental, and as a new patient I can say that the team has been incredibly welcoming. An inviting office, and friendly personable staff, helped to ease my concerns that many have when going to the dentist. Diane and Tarri were accommodating and helped put me at ease immediately. Dr. Saran was friendly and able to fill my cavities with no pain or discomfort. The procedure was completed faster than I’d expected which is always a bonus! The whole experience was pleasant enough to convince me to return to the team at Jeanne D’Arc dental for all my future dentistry needs!
– Justin

I am a new patient at this practice. I am also someone that does not treasure the thought of seeing the Dentist. In April, I found out that I needed treatment for a tooth that included a root-canal. Right away, Diane at the front desk helped me calm my nerves…she was helpful, empathetic, professional and very good at keeping the patients comfortable. The Doctor was great…my treatment was completely pain free, they were on time, and always concerned for my comfort. This is one classy practice. I will continue to come to this dentist and bring my family and any friends I know looking for a professional caring group of people. Thank you very much for the care I received.
– Steve

Wow! I love going to this Jeanne D’Arc dental centre. Tarri greeted me with a sincere smile and as I was standing Isabelle came up to greet me and bring me to the chair for my cleaning. I appreciate the fact they value my time by not make me wait like any other office I used to frequent. Isabelle was thorough and gentle…awesome cleaning my teeth sparkle!!!
– Tony

Just had a few visits so far, and much work still to do. This is , finally, the place that provides caring, expert and empathetic service. Dr Saran and her great team, are the best I have found!!!!
– Jana

he team are so friendly and very helpful. My Daughters felt comfortable on their first visit. They really helped me a lot with our situation so that my daughters can have their teeth fix. They really do care for their patients.
– Jacque

This clinic gets you booked and responds very fast for all dental work from emergencies to cleanings. They made me feel extremely comfortable in the times I have gone and I have never liked going to the dentist in the past. They are a no pressure dental office and work with insurance companies to make sure you are covered and always give accurate estimates. The reception is fast and friendly, the dental assistants make you feel great and always inform you about what is being done, and the dentist does her job like a true pro! I never liked the dentist due to the flack and lectures I used to get about oral care, however this clinic will make you feel great about your teeth and makes you feel at ease during all your visits. Thank you!
– Kayla

Dr. Saran and her team have helped me overcome fears and challenges associated with my teeth. I had major treatment done and have had many great changes in my life due to the new found self confidence with my new smile thanks Dr. Saran and Tarri.
– Brigitte

Like so many, I have had a years of fear of the dentist. Finally, I HAD to find a dentist. Almost by random, I found this clinic and am delighted with my experiences. They are highly professional people, who clearly care about every patient`s , concerns, budget…and fears! I would happily recommend the Jeanne D`Arc dental team to anyone!
– Jane

My daughter is receiving orthodontic treatments and the entire team is friendly and caring, my husband received a dental cleaning with the hygienist and he mentioned to never have received such a great cleaning .
– Sandra

First visit there was great. Nice caring team. Felt like family. Good job!
– Michael

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